Safe and convenient Hawaii Water is available at your doorstep!

Pure water without any impurities
Since the Hawaii Water is soft water, it is very easy to drink and good to taste. It can be used for making tea, coffee or any food preparation as it does not contain any foreign material/impurities unlike mineral water. It brings out the flavor of the ingredient and gives you the real taste of the preparation.
We also provide facility of hot water and cold water
Now no need of troublesome water heaters or teakettle. (Approx.90OC Hot water and Approx.5OC cold water is standard anywhere. You can leave aside the kettle and pots and the water cooling refrigerators once the water server is reached to your house. Home water server is available on rent for 572 Yen (exclusive of tax) per month.
Free of cost delivery service
1 bottle of 5 gallons (18.9 liters ) of Hawaii water is available at 2,280 yen (exclusive of tax). Delivery for the order of minimum 2 bottles is free. Housewives will be loving it as it is a very reasonable deal.
Savings in electricity bills
Water server consumes half of the electricity than the normal household electric pot for heating the water. It is a best match for any household with its simple design full of functional beauty.
Free collection of empty bottles
We collect your empty bottles free of cost while delivering the new order. Do not throw it as garbage of Pet bottle.